ADS User Survey

NASA, our funding agency, is asking us to determine who our users are. Please fill out this form to give us some information about what types of users we have. This will help us to better service our users. Please select from the following options the ones that most closely match.

This survey will be displayed only once for our existing users and once for each new user.

Type of user (try to find the closest match): Frequency of ADS use:
Scientist University Teacher
First time user
Highschool Teacher
Gradeschool Teacher
Occasional user
Graduate student Undergraduate student Few times per month
Highschool student Gradeschool student Few times per week
Other student
Every day
Amateur Astronomer
Administrator Editor
Just interested Not really interested

I have already seen this survey. (This information is important for us since it indicates how many people use the ADS from multiple computers, and are therefore counted as multiple users.)