[SAO/NASA ADS]   ADS Users Group - Previous Meetings and Members

The ADS Users Group (ADSUG) was formed in early 2017 to advise the ADS project on a number of issues. The current membership list and report are available from the main ADSUG page.

Prior members and reports are listed below.

January 17-17, 2017

Members: Kathy Flanagan (Chair), Carrie Anderson, Roc Cutri, Ruth Kneale, Chris Lintott, Sandy Payette, Josh Peek, Matthew Turk, Jake VanderPlas, Michael Wise.
Presentations: https://ads.harvard.edu/adsug/2017/ADSUsersGroupProgram.html
Report: https://ads.harvard.edu/adsug/2017/ADSUG_Report.pdf


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