[SAO/NASA ADS]   ADS Users Group Charter

The ADS Users Group (ADSUG) advises the ADS on the operations of the project, and recommends changes and improvements to both its services and procedures in order to maximize the scientific productivity of the community it serves. The ADSUG will advocate for the user community and provide suggestions regarding content curation, technical infrastructure, management, and priority setting. The User Group will be advisory and will make its reports to the ADS Principal Investigator (PI).

The ADSUG has a membership of approximately ten individuals chosen by the PI. The composition consists of a broad constituency of users, including scientists and representatives from the library and digital repository communities. The PI, Project Scientist, NASA Discipline Scientist, and Executive Secretary attend meetings of the group ex-officio.

Names of committee members and the meeting schedule will be widely disseminated so that ADS users will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with committee members before the meetings. Individuals interested in serving in the committee will be encouraged to register their interest by submitting their name for consideration to the PI and/or the ADSUG chair.

To allow a balance between continuity and new input, members will be appointed for a nominal three year term starting on the date of the first meeting attended. The PI can ask a member to serve for one more year if mutually agreeable. The chair will be nominated and appointed by the PI for a two year period. The PI can ask the chair to serve for additional one year periods.

It is anticipated that the ADSUG will meet once a year. The ADSUG will summarize its deliberations in a written report to the PI, and its findings will be posted publicly on the ADS website.


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