List of words translated on ADS Abstract Queries

This is the current list of pattern translations which are performed on all queries made to the ADS abstract service title and abstract text fields. The syntax used to specify the translations is the one commonly adopted in specifying regular expressions. Items in the first column represent patterns which, when found in the input query, are translated into the expressions given in the second column. Translations are case insensitive.

\bBE(-| +)STAR(S?)\b                                    BESTAR\2
\b([OBAFGKMS])(-| +)STAR(S?)\b                          \1STAR\3
\bH(-| +)(ALPHA|BETA|I+)\b                              H\2
\bINFRA(-| +)RED([A-Z]*)\b                              INFRARED\2
\bRED(-| +)SHIFT([A-Z]*)\b                              REDSHIFT\2
\bT(-| +)TAURI\b                                        TTAURI
\b(X|GAMMA)(-| +)RAY(S?)\b                              \1RAY\3
\bMESSIER(-| +)([0-9]+[A-Z]*)                           M\2
\bABELL(-| +)([0-9]+[A-Z]*)                             A\2
\b(CAS|CASSIOPEIAE)(-| +)A\b                            \1A
\b(CEN|CENTUARUS)(-| +)A\b                              \1A
\b(CYG|CYGNUS)(-| +)A\b \1A                             CYGNUSA
\b(HER|HERCULES)(-| +)A\b                               \1A
\b(PUPPIS|TAURUS|VIRGO)(-| +)A\b                        \1A
\b(PERSEUS|PER)(-| +)A\b                                \1A
\b(SAGITTARIUS|SGR)(-| +)A\b                            \1A
\bN(-| *)([0-9]+[A-Z]*)                                 NGC \2
\b([34]CR?|ADS|H[DHR]|IC|[MW])(-| +)([0-9]+[A-Z]*)      \1\3
\b(MKN|NGC|PKS|PSR[BJ]?|SAO|UGC)(-| +)([0-9]+[A-Z]*)    \1\3
\bSHOEMAKER(-| +)LEVY(-| +)([0-9])                      SL\3
\bS-Z\b                                                 SUNYAEV-ZELDOVICH
\b([AN][0-9]{2})-([0-9]{5})\b                           \1\2
\b1987(-| +)A                                           1987A
([A-Z])'S\b                                             \1
\b[DL]'([AEIOUY])                                       \1
\b([A-Z]+[A-Z])'([A-RT-Z])\b                            \1\2
\b([A-CE-KM-Z])'([A-Z][A-Z]+)\b                         \1\2
\b([A-Z]+[A-Z])'([A-Z][A-Z]+)\b                         \1\2

If you would like to suggest additional translation rules that should be applied to the input queries, please send us email.