List of ADS query parameter keywords

authorlist of semicolon separated authornames as last, f
objectlist of semicolon separated object names
keywordlist of semicolon separated keywords
start_monstarting month as integer (Jan == 1, Dec == 12)
start_yearstarting year as integer (4 digits)
end_monending month as integer (Jan == 1, Dec == 12)
end_yearending year as integer (4 digits)
start_entry_daystart entry day of month as integer
start_entry_monstart entry month as integer
start_entry_yearstart entry year as integer
titletitle words, any non-alpha-numeric character separates
textabstract words, any non-alpha-numeric character separates
commentcomment words, any non-alpha-numeric character separates
bibcodebibcode for partial bibcode search. If a bibcode is
specified, no other search will be done
nr_to_returnhow many abstracts to return (default is 50, max 500)
start_nrwhere to start returning in list of retrieved abstracts
default is 1
aut_wtfloating point weight for author search, default: 1.0
obj_wtfloating point weight for object search, default: 1.0
kwd_wtfloating point weight for keyword search, default: 1.0
ttl_wtfloating point weight for title search, default: 0.3
txt_wtfloating point weight for text search, default: 3.0
com_wtfloating point weight for comment search, default: 1.0
aut_synauthor synonym replacement. aut_syn="YES" turns it on (default is on)
ttl_syntitle synonym replacement. ttl_syn="YES" turns it on (default is on)
txt_syntext synonym replacement. txt_syn="YES" turns it on (default is on)
com_syncomment synonym replacement. com_syn="YES" turns it on (default is on)
aut_wgtauthors used for weighting. aut_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
obj_wgtobjects used for weighting. obj_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
kwd_wgtkeywords used for weighting. kwd_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
ttl_wgttitle used for weighting. ttl_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
txt_wgttext used for weighting. txt_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
com_wgtcomment used for weighting. com_wgt="YES" turns it on (default is on)
aut_scoauthors weighted scoring. aut_sco="YES" turns it on (default is off)
kwd_scokeywords weighted scoring. kwd_sco="YES" turns it on (default is off)
ttl_scotitle weighted scoring. ttl_sco="YES" turns it on (default is on)
txt_scotext weighted scoring. txt_sco="YES" turns it on (default is on)
com_scocomment weighted scoring. com_sco="YES" turns it on (default is off)
aut_reqauthors required for results. aut_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
obj_reqobjects required for results. obj_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
kwd_reqkeywords required for results. kwd_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
ttl_reqtitle required for results. ttl_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
txt_reqtext required for results. txt_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
com_reqcomment required for results. com_req="YES" turns it on (default is off)
Combination logic:
xxx_logic="AND": combine with AND
xxx_logic="OR": combine with OR (default)
xxx_logic="SIMPLE": simple logic (use +, -)
xxx_logic="BOOL": full boolean logic
xxx_logic="FULLMATCH": do AND query in the selected field
and calculate the score according to how many words in
the field of the selected reference were matched by
the query
return_reqrequested return:
return_req="result" : return results (default)
return_req="form" : return new query form
return_req="no_params": return results
set default parameters, don't display params
db_keywhich database to query: db_key="AST" : Astronomy(default)
"INST": Instrumentation, "PRE": LANL Preprints
"PPY": Physics, "GEN": General, CFA: CfA Preprints
jou_pickspecify which journals to select:
jou_pick="ALL" : return all journals (default)
jou_pick="NO" : return only refereed journals
jou_pick="YES" : return only specified journals
jou_pick="EXCL" : return only non-refereed journals
ref_stemslist of blank separated bibstems for jou_pick=YES
min_scoreminimum score of returned abstracts
(floating point, default 0.0)
data_linkreturn only entries with data.
data_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
abstractreturn only entries with abstracts.
abstract="YES" turns it on, default is off
alt_absreturn only entries with alternate abstracts.
alt_abs="YES" turns it on, default is off
aut_notereturn only entries with author notes.
aut_note="YES" turns it on, default is off
articlereturn only entries with articles.
article="YES" turns it on, default is off
article_linkreturn only entries with electronic articles.
article_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
simb_objreturn only entries with simbad objects.
simb_obj="YES" turns it on, default is off
ned_objreturn only entries with ned objects.
ned_obj="YES" turns it on, default is off
gpndb_objreturn only entries with gpndb objects.
gpndb_obj="YES" turns it on, default is off
lib_linkreturn only entries with library links.
lib_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
data_andreturn only entries with all selected data available.
data_and="ALL": no selection, return all refs (default)
data_and="NO" : return entries with AT LEAST ONE of the
data items selected with the above flags
data_and="YES": return only entries that have ALL links
selected with the above flags
versionversion number for the query form
data_typedata type to return
data_type="HTML" return regular list (default)
data_type="PORTABLE" return portable tagged format
data_type="PLAINTEXT" return plain text
data_type="BIBTEX" return bibtex format
data_type="REFERENCES" return journal reference format
data_type="SHORT" return short format
mail_linkreturn only entries with mailorder.
mail_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
toc_linkreturn only entries with tocorder.
toc_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
pds_linkreturn only entries with pds data.
pds_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
group_andreturn only entries from all selected groups.
data_and="ALL":no selection (default)
data_and="NO" :return entries that are in at least one grp
data_and="YES":return only entries from ALL groups
selected with group_bits
group_selwhich group to select
ref_linkreturn only entries with reference links.
ref_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
citation_linkreturn only entries with citation links.
citation_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
gif_linkreturn only entries with scanned articles links.
aut_xctexact author search. aut_xct="YES" turns it on, default is off
lpi_querylpi_query="YES" query for LPI objects, default is off
sim_querysim_query="YES" query for SIMBAD objects, default is on
ned_queryned_query="YES" query for NED objects, default is on
iau_queryiau_query="YES" query for IAU objects, default is off
query_typewhat to return: query_type=PAPERS returns regular refs (default)
query_tpe=CITES returns citations to selected references
query_tpe=REFS returns references in selected references
return_fmtreturn format: return_fmt="LONG": return full abstract
return_fmt="SHORT": return short listing (default)
typewhere to return the data (screen, file, printer, etc)
defaultsetuse default settings (same as ret_req=no_params
but displays query parameters on short form)
charsetcharacter set for text output
yearyear field for bibcode matching
bibstembibstem field for bibcode matching
volumevolume field for bibcode matching
pagepage field for bibcode matching
associated_linkreturn only entries with associated articles.
associated_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
ar_linkreturn only entries with AR links.
ar_link="YES" turns it on, default is off
tablesreturn results with table formatting (overrides pref.)