Data Origin Descriptions

Abbreviations for the sources of our data are usually given in the Origin field. These include the following:

STI:          From NASA's STI (RECON) project.
APJ:          From U. Chicago Press, publishers of ApJ to 2007.
AJ:           Prior to 1998, from AJ index, 1998-2007 from U. Chicago Press.
AP:           From Academic Publishers, usually references from Icarus.
A&A:          From Springer, publishers of A&A.
A&A via CDS:  Prior to 1998, from CDS who indexed A&A.
A&AS:         From EDP Sciences, publishers of A&AS.
AAS:          From the American Astronomical Society.
ACA:          From Acta Astronomica.
ADASS:        From one of the ADASS editors.
ADIL:         From NCSA's ADIL project.
AGDP:         From A.G.Davis Philip
AIP:          From American Institute of Physics web site.
AN:           From Astronomische Nachtrichten.
ARA&A:        From Annual Review's web site.
ASP:          From Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
ATEL:         From the Astronomer's Telegram.
AUTHOR:       Submitted by a user or conference proceeding editor.
BALTA:        From Baltic Astronomy.
BEO:          From Bulletin Astronomique de Belgrade.
BESN:         From BE Star News.
BSSAS:        Library of the Department of Astronomy, University of Bologna.
CARL:         From The Colorado Allegience of Research Libraries.
CfA:          From CfA's John Wolbach Library.
COSKA:        From Konkoly Observatory.
CUP:          From Cambridge University Press.
DSSN:         From Delta Scuti Star Newsletter.
ELSEVIER:     From Elsevier Science.
ESO:          From European Southern Observatory Library.
GCPD:         From Universite de Lausanne.
IAJ:          From Irish Astronomical Journal.
IBVS:         From Information Bulletin on Variable Stars.
ICARUS:       From Icarus through Academic Publishers.
IOP:          From Institute of Physics.
JASS:         From Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences.
JBAA:         From Journal of the British Astronomical Association.
JIMO:         From WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization
JKAS:         From Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society.
KLUWER:       From Kluwer Academic Publishers.
KNUDSEN:      From Helen Knudsen's Astronomy and Astrophysics Monthly Index.
KON:          From Konkoly Observatory.
LOC:          From Library of Congress.
LPI:          From Lunar and Planetary Science Institute.
M&PS:         From Meteoritics and Planetary Science.
METBASE:      From METBASE, meteorite information database and bibliography of 
              meteoritics and planetary science, compiled by Jörn Koblitz, 
              Bremen, Germany.
METIC:        From Meteoritics (Now M&PS).
MPE:          From Max-Plank Extraterrestrial Institute.
MNRAS:        From Blackwell Science, publishers of MNRAS.
NED:          From NASA's Extragalactic Database.
NEWA:         From New Astronomy.
OSA:          From Optical Society of America.
OCR:          Rendered from Optical Character Recognition.
PASP:         Prior to 1998, from PASP index, now from U. Chicago Press.
PASA:         From Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.
PASJ:         From Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan.
PDS:          From Planetary Data System.
PRINCETON:    From Princeton University Astrophysics Library.
RMXAA:        From Revista Mexicana di Astronomica y Astrofisica
RMXAC:        From Revista Mexicana di Astronomica y Astrofisica Conference Series.
RvMA:         From Reviews of Modern Astronomy.
S&T:          From Sky & Telescope
SAO:          From Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Publication Department.
SIMBAD:       From SIMBAD.
SPIE:         From Society for PhotoOptical and Instrumentation Engineers.
SPRN:         From Springer.
STSCI:        From Space Telescope Science Institute Library.
UMI:          From UMI Company.
USCI:         From University Science Books.
USNO:         From U.S. Naval Observatory Library.
UTAL:         From University of Toronto Astronomy Library.
WEB:          Taken from the Web.
WILEY:        From Wiley InterScience Publishers.

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