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    6.2 - User Feedback

    The Feedback Page provides links to various forms of user feedback. Please make sure you let us know of any critiques, requests for improvements, etc. The following list provides some information about the various forms of user feedback.

    6.2.1 - User Comments

    You can help improve our service! If you have comments for us, please submit them through our Feedback Form. We always welcome comments and suggestions for improvements. Please note that a specific correction will take about two weeks to be updated, as mentioned above. Pages that need to be scanned or rescanned by hand will take longer.

    6.2.2 - Abstract Submission

    We provide a form for authors to supply papers which are missing from the abstract service. Please use the submission form and include as much information as possible.

    6.2.3 - Abstract Correction

    If you find incorrect information in one of our bibliographic records, please let us know by using the Error Correction Form This form lets you retrieve the current data in the database and allows you to modify that information. One we recieve such a change request, we will review it and then change the main database accordingly.

    6.2.4 - Associated References

    We provide a form letting users supply us with bibliographic codes for publications that are related. Such associated references are connected with O-links in the ADS database. If you know of any correlated references (errata, series of articles, etc.) that do not have O-links, please let us know about them by filling in the codes in the Associated References Form.

    6.2.5 - Author Comments

    You can supply author comments about papers for which you are an author. This comment will be linked to the abstract so that it will be displayed whenever the paper in question is retrieved by a user. This is a useful way to incorporate errata or make additional information available. The author comments should be submitted through our forms interface.

    These comments can be plain text or fully formatted html documents. The submission nsystem will try to help with formatting the comment. Author comments can include information about the abstract, clarifications or more extended descriptions, and links to other abstracts and documents. We reserve the right to edit or reject any author comments that are inappropriate. For an example of an author comment, see Mike Kurtz's PhD Thesis.

    6.2.6 - Missing Journals

    The ADS is looking for donations of missing publications for scanning. Please check the list of volumes that we are missing to see if you can help. These journals will be destroyed since we need to cut the volumes for automatic feeding through the scanner.

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