Character Encoding in the ADS Abstract Service

Last updated: 17 December 1999
The character encoding for returned text files (e.g. Bibtex format, generic tagged format, or plain text files) can be selected as either US ASCII, ISO-Latin 1, or Unicode UTF-8.

If US ASCII is selected all non-ASCII characters are converted to their ASCII equivalent. For instance "a-umlaut" ("ä") is converted into "ae", etc.

If ISO-Latin 1 is selected, the 8-bit ISO-Latin 1 characters are included in the returned text. For instance "a-umlaut" ("ä") is returned as the 8-bit character with decimal value 228.

If Unicode UTF-8 encoding is selected, all Unicode characters are returned as UTF-8 encoded characters. UTF-8 encoding is a variable length encoding in 8-bit characters.