ADS Bibliographic Codes: Conference Proceedings Abbreviations

This list contains Bibliographic Code abbreviations for non-journal publications, including Conferences, Proceedings, Symposia, Meetings, Reports, and Books.

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1987txra.symp    13th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics
    icr....14    14th International Cosmic Ray Conference
    icr....15    15th International Cosmic Ray Conference
    icr....16    16th International Cosmic Ray Conference
    icr....17    17th International Cosmic Ray Conference
    icr....18    18th International Cosmic Ray Conference
1985eepa.rept    1982-1984 Eclipse of Epsilon Aurigae
1992smmel        The 1984 - 1987 Solar Maximum Mission Event List
    icr....19    19th International Cosmic Ray Conference
2001socm.symp    2001: a Symplectic Odyssey
2001syod.conf    2001: a Symplectic Odyssey
2001aprs.conf    2001 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference AP-RASC '01
1998stel.conf    20th Stellar Conference of the Czech and Slovak Astronomical Institutes
2001tsra.conf    20th Texas Symposium on relativistic astrophysics
    icr....21    21st International Cosmic Ray Conference
    icr....22    22nd International Cosmic Ray Conference
1998ICRC....8    25th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Volume 8
1998fuph.conf    25th International Winter Meeting on Fundamental Physics.  Selected Topics on High Energy and Astropartical Physics.
1996vsr..conf    27th Conference on Variable Star Research
1997vsr..conf    28th Conference on Variable Star Research
1998vsr..conf    29th Conference on Variable Star Research
1996hell.conf    2nd Hellenic astronomical conference    2nd Millimeter-VLBI Science Workshop
1990asos.conf    3rd International Collogium of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
1998fyc..conf    40 Years of COSPAR
    icr.....5    5th International Cosmic Ray Conference
    asdy.conf    AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Conference
1999asmm.conf    The Abdus Salam Memorial Meeting
1982ans..conf    Accreting Neutron Stars
1997adna.conf    Accretion Disks - New Aspects
1998apas.conf    Accretion Processes in Astrophysical Systems: Some Like it Hot!
1986apa..proc    Accretion Processes in Astrophysics
1983adsx.conf    Accretion-Driven Stellar X-ray Sources
1990aeas.conf    Accuracy of Element Abundances from Stellar Atmospheres
1984aims.rept    Achievements of the International Magnetospheric Study (IMS)
1988agn..conf    Active Galactic Nuclei
1982ang..proc    Active Nuclei of Galaxies
1984apoa.conf    Active Phenomena in the Outer Atmosphere of the Sun and Stars
1998axrs.symp    The Active X-ray Sky: Results from BeppoSAX and RXTE
1996adop.conf    Adaptive Optics
2001sac..conf    Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN
1997atma.conf    Advanced techniques and methods for astronomical image handling    Advanced Technologies for Planetary Instruments
1995aap..conf    Advances in Astrofundamental Physics
1997adp..conf    Advances in Dusty Plasmas
    amva.conf    Advances in Molecular Vibrations and Collision Dynamics, A Research Annual    Advances in Nuclear Astrophysics    Advances in Planetary Geology
1994asp..conf    Advances in solar physics
1991assm.conf    Advances in Solar System Magnetohydrodynamics
1978nisa.symp    Advances in Space Exploration    Advances in Stellar Evolution
1982auva.nasa    Advances in Ultraviolet Astronomy
2001adrt.conf    Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Technologies. Proceedings of the CEAS/DragNet European Drag Reduction    Aeromechanics and Gas Dynamics
1987spmp.conf    Aerospace Century XXI: Space missions and Policy
1974aero.rept    Aerospace Corp. Interim Report, El Segundo, CA. Lab. Operations.
1998aums.conf    The Age of the Universe, Dark Matter, and Structure Formation    AIAA, Aerospace Sciences Meeting    AIP Conf. Proc. 101: Positron-Electron Pairs in Astrophysics
1985snna.proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 126: Solar Neutrinos and Neutrino Astronomy    AIP Conf. Proc. 144: Magnetospheric Phenomena in Astrophysics
1987gace.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 155: The Galactic Center    AIP Conf. Proc. 170: Nuclear Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Sources
1988rwsi.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 174: Radio Wave Scattering in the Interstellar Medium
1989cam..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 183: Cosmic Abundances of Matter    AIP Conf. Proc. 186: High-Energy Radiation Background in Space
1990drbu.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 197: Drops and Bubbles
1989asan.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 198: Astrophysics in Antarctica    AIP Conf. Proc. 202: Physics and Astrophysics from a Lunar Base
1990pacr.rept    AIP Conf. Proc. 203: Particle Astrophysics - The NASA Cosmic Ray Program for the 1990s and Beyond
1990am...proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 207: Astrophysics from the Moon    AIP Conf. Proc. 211: High-Energy Astrophysics in the 21st Century
1991hegr.proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 220: High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy
1991aftm.proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 222: After the first three minutes
1991grla.symp    AIP Conf. Proc. 232: Gamma-Ray Line Astrophysics    AIP Conf. Proc. 264: Particle Acceleration in Cosmic Plasmas    AIP Conf. Proc. 267: Electromechanical Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere
1993bttg.proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 278: Back to the Galaxy
1994hesp.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 294: High-Energy Solar Phenomena - a New Era of Spacecraft Measurements
1994hgrb.symp    AIP Conf. Proc. 307: Gamma-Ray Bursts
1994exrb.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 308: The Evolution of X-ray Binariese    AIP Conf. Proc. 310: Analysis of Interplanetary Dust Particles
1994mgsi.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 312: Molecules and Grains in Space
1994sxrc.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 313: The Soft X-ray Cosmos
1995nct3.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 327: Nuclei in the Cosmos III
1995dm...conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 336: Dark Matter
1988dama.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 336: Dark Matter, 23rd Rencontre de Moriond
1995vess.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 341: Volatiles in the Earth and Solar System
1996hvns.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 366: High Velocity Neutron Stars
1996pohl.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 379: Physical origin of homochirality in life
1997recs.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 385: Robotic Exploration Close to the Sun: Scientific Basis
1997sta..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 387: Space Technology and Applications
1997comp.symp    AIP Conf. Proc. 410: Proceedings of the Fourth Compton Symposium
1997tdtp.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 414: Two-Dimensional Turbulence in Plasmas and Fluids
1998bsm..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 415: Beyond the Standard Model.  From Theory to Experiment
1998sta..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 420: Space Technology and Applications
1998fpi..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 423: Fundamental Particles and Interactions, Frontiers in Contemporary Physics
1998tbyb.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 424: Twenty Beautiful Years of Bottom Physics
1998fts..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 430: The Eleventh International Conference on Fourier Transform Spectroscopy    AIP Conf. Proc. 433: Workshop on Observing Giant Cosmic Ray Air Showers From >10(20) eV Particles From Space
1998amda.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 434: Atomic and Molecular Data and their Applications
1998ppc..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 444: Particle Physics and Cosmology, First Tropical Workshop
1998pafi.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 445: Particles and Fields, Sixth Mexican Workshop    AIP Conf. Proc. 446: Physics of Dusty Plasmas, Seventh Workshop
1998scph.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 448: Workshop on Space Charge Physics in High Intensity Hadron Rings
1998pfg..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 453: Particles, Fields, and Gravitation
1998lain.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 456: Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, Second International LISA Symposium on the Detection and Observation of Gravitational Waves in Space
1999sta..conf    AIP Conf. Proc: 458: Space Technology and Applications, International Forum -- 1999
1999sls..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 467: Spectral Line Shapes
1999sowi.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 471: Solar Wind Nine
1999tkc..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 476: 3K cosmology
1999co98.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 478: COSMO-98
1999ttp..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 484: Trends in Theoretical Physics II
1999hepm.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 488: High Energy Physics at the Millennium: MRST '99,
1979crpp.proc    AIP Conf. Proc. 49: Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics
1999grra.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 493: General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics
2000sta..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 504: Space Technology and Applications International Forum
2000icrc...26    AIP Conf. Proc. 516: 26th International Cosmic Ray Conference, ICRC XXVI
2000hgrb.symp    AIP Conf. Proc. 526: Gamma-ray Bursts, 5th Huntsville Symposium
2000atep.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 528: Acceleration and Transport of Energetic Particles Observed in the Heliosphere
2000pafi.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 531: Particles and Fields
2000wdss.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 537: Waves in Dusty, Solar, and Space Plasmas
2000ppc..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 540: Particle Physics and Cosmology
2001thep.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 541: Theoretical High Energy Physics
2000thep.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 541: Theoretical High Energy Physics, MRST 2000
2001cpp..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 555: Cosmology and Particle Physics
2001epac.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 556: Explosive Phenomena in Astrophysical Compact Objects    AIP Conf. Proc. 56: Particle Acceleration Mechanisms in Astrophysics
2001tsnp.symp    AIP Conf. Proc. 561:  Symposium on Nuclear Physics IV
2001ysnr.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 565: Young Supernova Remnants    AIP Conf. Proc. 566: Observing Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays from Space and Earth
2001rdhe.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 579: Radio Detection of High Energy Particles
2001gra..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 587: Gamma 2001: Gamma-Ray Astrophysics
2001sgc..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 598: Joint SOHO/ACE workshop "Solar and Galactic Composition"
2001xase.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 599: X-ray Astronomy: Stellar Endpoints, AGN, and the Diffuse X-ray Background
2002stai.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 608: Space Technology and Applications International Forum
2002apb..conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 609: Astrophysical Polarized Backgrounds
1980susp.conf    AIP Conf. Proc. 63: Supernovae Spectra    AIP Conf. Proc. 77: Gamma Ray Transients and Related Astrophysical Phenomena    AIP Conf. Proc. 83: The Galactic Center
    aifo.rept    Air Force Interim Report
1984abas.symp    Airborne Astronomy Symposium
    alab.rept    Alabama Univ., Huntsville Report
1997asxo.proc    All-Sky X-Ray Observations in the Next Decade    American Astronautical Society Meeting
    aans.symp    American Astronautical Society Symposium    The American Astronomical Society's first century    American Chemical Society Meeting
    aiaa.conf    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Conference
    AIPC.        American Institute of Physics Conference Series
1974amst.iafc    Amsterdam International Astronautical Federation Congress
1976anah.iafc    Anaheim International Astronautical Federation Congress
1995aelm.conf    The Analysis of Emission Lines    Analysis of Returned Comet Nucleus Samples
1980asfr.symp    The Ancient Sun: Fossil Record in the Earth, Moon and Meteorites
1990angg.nasa    Annihilation in Gases and Galaxies    Anorthosites of the Earth and the Moon
1985ap...conf    Antennas and Propagation (ICAP 85)
1999ahp..conf    APCTP Workshop on Astro-Hadron Physics.  Properties of Hadrons in Matter
1976apso.nasa    Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
1982amdc.proc    Applications of Modern Dynamics to Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics
1982aacp....1    Applied Atomic Collision Physics
    arcl.rept    Applied Research Corp. Annual Report
1992anr..conf    Approaches to Numerical Relativity
1981araa.conf    Archaeoastronomy in the Americas
1982arnw.conf    Archaeoastronomy in the New World
    asu..rept    Arizona State University Technical Report
    uat..rept    Arizona Univ., Tucson Report
1994aira.symp    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation for Space Symposium
1990aita.proc    Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Astronomy
1988posh.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.   1: Progress and Opportunities in Southern Hemisphere Optical Astronomy.  The CTIO 25th Anniversary Symposium
1988osq..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.   2: Optical Surveys for Quasars
1988fopa.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.   3: Fiber Optics in Astronomy
1988egds.symp    ASP Conf. Ser.   4: The Extragalactic Distance Scale    ASP Conf. Ser.   5: The Minnesota lectures on Clusters of Galaxies and Large-Scale Structure
1989sira.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.   6: Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy    ASP Conf. Ser.   7: Properties of Hot Luminous Stars
1990ccda.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.   8: CCDs in astronomy
1990csss....6    ASP Conf. Ser.   9: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
1990eug..symp    ASP Conf. Ser.  10: Evolution of the Universe of Galaxies
1990cbsp.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  11: Confrontation Between Stellar Pulsation and Evolution
1990eism.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  12: The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium    ASP Conf. Ser.  13: The Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters
1990awia.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  14: Astrophysics with Infrared Arrays
1991lssp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  15: Large-scale Structures and Peculiar Motions in the Universe
1991aimn.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  16: Atoms, Ions and Molecules: New Results in Spectral Line Astrophysics
1991lpri.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  17: IAU Colloq. 112: Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris    ASP Conf. Ser.  18: The Interpretation of Modern Synthesis Observations of Spiral Galaxies
1991ritt.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  19: IAU Colloq. 131: Radio Interferometry. Theory, Techniques, and Applications
1991fse..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  20: Frontiers of Stellar Evolution
1991sdq..proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  21: The Space Distribution of Quasars    ASP Conf. Ser.  22: Nonisotropic and Variable Outflows from Stars
1992acor.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  23: Astronomical CCD Observing and Reduction Techniques
1992clss.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  24: Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure in the Universe
1996clss.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  24: Cosmology and Large-scale Structure in the Universe
1992adass...1    ASP Conf. Ser.  25: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems I
1992csss....7    ASP Conf. Ser.  26: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun    ASP Conf. Ser.  27: The Solar Cycle
1992atpi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  28: Automated Telescopes for Photometry and Imaging    ASP Conf. Ser.  29: Cataclysmic Variable Stars
1992vsg..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  30: Variable Stars and Galaxies, in honor of M. W. Feast on his retirement    ASP Conf. Ser.  31: Relationships Between Active Galactic Nuclei and Starburst Galaxies
1992cadm.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  32: IAU Colloq. 135: Complementary Approaches to Double and Multiple Star Research
1992raa..proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  33: Research Amateur Astronomy
1992robt.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  34: Robotic Telescopes in the 1990s
1993msli.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  35: Massive Stars:  Their Lives in the Interstellar Medium
1993pap..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  36: Planets Around Pulsars
1993fopa.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  37: Fiber Optics in Astronomy II
1993nfbs.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  38: New Frontiers in Binary Star Research
1993sdmw.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  39: The Minnesota Lectures on the Structure and Dynamics of the Milky Way
1993ist..proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  40: IAU Colloq. 137: Inside the Stars
1993ais..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  41: Astronomical Infrared Spectroscopy: Future Observational Directions
1993gong.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  42: GONG 1992. Seismic Investigation of the Sun and Stars
1993sspp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  43: Sky Surveys. Protostars to Protogalaxies
1993pvnp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  44: IAU Colloq. 138: Peculiar versus Normal Phenomena in A-type and Related Stars    ASP Conf. Ser.  45: Luminous High-Latitude Stars
1993mvfs.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  46: IAU Colloq. 141: The Magnetic and Velocity Fields of Solar Active Regions
1993seti.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  47: Third Decennial US-USSR Conference on SETI    ASP Conf. Ser.  48: The Globular Cluster-Galaxy Connection
1993getm.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  49: Galaxy Evolution. The Milky Way Perspective
1993sdgc.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  50: Structure and Dynamics of Globular Clusters
1993obco.symp    ASP Conf. Ser.  51: Observational Cosmology
1993adass...2    ASP Conf. Ser.  52: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II
1993blst.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  53: Blue Stragglers
1994pag..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  54: The Physics of Active Galaxies
1994oaem.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  55: Optical Astronomy from the Earth and Moon
1994ibs..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  56: Interacting Binary Stars
1994scsa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  57: Stellar and Circumstellar Astrophysics, a 70th birthday celebration for K. H. Bohm and E. Bohm-Vitense
1994icdi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  58: The First Symposium on the Infrared Cirrus and Diffuse Interstellar Clouds
1994amsw.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  59: IAU Colloq. 140: Astronomy with Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Interferometry
1994mpyp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  60: The MK Process at 50 Years:  A Powerful Tool for Astrophysical Insight
1994adass...3    ASP Conf. Ser.  61: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III
1994nesh.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  62: The Nature and Evolutionary Status of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
1994sfyh.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  63: 75 Years of Hirayama Asteroid Families:  The Role of Collisions in the Solar System History
1994csss....8    ASP Conf. Ser.  64: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
1994cclm.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  65: Clouds, Cores, and Low Mass Stars
1994pgsd.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  66: Physics of the Gaseous and Stellar Disks of the Galaxy
1994ulss.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  67: Unveiling Large-Scale Structures Behind the Milky Way
1994sare.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  68: Solar Active Region Evolution: Comparing Models with Observations
1994rmbl.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  69: Reverberation Mapping of the Broad-Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei
1995grga.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  70: Groups of Galaxies
1995tosm.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  71: IAU Colloq. 149: Tridimensional Optical Spectroscopic Methods in Astrophysics
1995mpds.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  72: Millisecond Pulsars.  A Decade of Surprise
1995fgts.symp    ASP Conf. Ser.  73: From Gas to Stars to Dust
1995psel.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  74: Progress in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life.
1995mfsr.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  75: Multi-Feed Systems for Radio Telescopes
1995gong.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  76: GONG 1994. Helio- and Astro-Seismology from the Earth and Space
1995adass...4    ASP Conf. Ser.  77: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
1995aapn.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  78: Astrophysical Applications of Powerful New Databases
1995rtcc.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  79: Robotic Telescopes.  Current Capabilities, Present Developments, and Future Prospects for Automated Astronomy
1995pimi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  80: The Physics of the Interstellar Medium and Intergalactic Medium
1995lahr.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  81: Laboratory and Astronomical High Resolution Spectra
1995vlbi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  82: Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the VLBA
1995aasp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  83: IAU Colloq. 155: Astrophysical Applications of Stellar Pulsation
1995fust.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  84: IAU Colloq. 148: The Future Utilisation of Schmidt Telescopes
1995mcv..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  85: Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
1995fveg.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  86: Fresh Views of Elliptical Galaxies
1996nomn.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  87: New Observing Modes for the Next Century
1996clfu.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  88: Clusters, Lensing, and the Future of the Universe
1996aecd.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  89: Astronomy Education: Current Developments, Future Coordination
1996oedb.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  90: The Origins, Evolution, and Destinies of Binary Stars in Clusters
1996baga.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  91: IAU Colloq. 157: Barred Galaxies
1996fogh.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  92: Formation of the Galactic Halo...Inside and Out
1996ress.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  93: Radio Emission from the Stars and the Sun
1996mmmu.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  94: Mapping, Measuring, and Modelling the Universe
1996sdit.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  95: Solar Drivers of the Interplanetary and Terrestrial Disturbances
1996hds..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  96: Hydrogen Deficient Stars
1996pim..conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  97: Polarimetry of the Interstellar Medium
1996fstg.conf    ASP Conf. Ser.  98: From Stars to Galaxies: the Impact of Stellar Physics on Galaxy Evolution
1996coab.proc    ASP Conf. Ser.  99: Cosmic Abundances
1996etrg.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 100: Energy Transport in Radio Galaxies and Quasars
1996adass...5    ASP Conf. Ser. 101: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
1996tgc..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 102: The Galactic Center
1996tpol.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 103: The Physics of Liners in View of Recent Observations
1996pcdi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 104: IAU Colloq. 150: Physics, Chemistry, and Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust
1996ppp..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 105: IAU Colloq. 160: Pulsars: Problems and Progress
1996eghi.proc    ASP Conf. Ser. 106: The Minnesota Lectures on Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen
1996ciss.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 107: Completing the Inventory of the Solar System
1996mass.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 108: M.A.S.S., Model Atmospheres and Spectrum Synthesis
1996csss....9    ASP Conf. Ser. 109: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
1996bcv..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 110: Blazar Continuum Variability
1997mrsa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 111: Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Atmosphere
1996gach.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 112: The History of the Milky Way and Its Satellite System
1997elag.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 113: IAU Colloq. 159: Emission Lines in Active Galaxies: New Methods and Techniques
1997ygqa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 114: Young Galaxies and QSO Absorption-Line Systems
1997gccf.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 115: Galactic Cluster Cooling Flows
1997neg..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 116: The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies; 2nd Stromlo Symposium
1997dvmg.proc    ASP Conf. Ser. 117: Dark and Visible Matter in Galaxies and Cosmological Implications
1997fasp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 118: 1st Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference.  Advances in Physics of Sunspots
1997pbss.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 119: Planets Beyond the Solar System and the Next Generation of Space Missions
1997lbv..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 120: Luminous Blue Variables: Massive Stars in Transition
1997apro.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 121: IAU Colloq. 163: Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows
1997fstp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 122: From Stardust to Planetesimals
1997taca.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 123: Computational Astrophysics; 12th Kingston Meeting on Theoretical Astrophysics
1997diri.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 124: Diffuse Infrared Radiation and the IRTS
1997adass...6    ASP Conf. Ser. 125: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
1997fqfc.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 126: From Quantum Fluctuations to Cosmological Structures
1997pmga.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 127: Proper Motions and Galactic Astronomy
1997meag.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 128: Mass Ejection from Active Galactic Nuclei
1997ggs..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 129: George Gamow Symposium
1997rdbs.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 130: The Third Pacific Rim Conference on Recent Development on Binary Star Research
1998phls.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 131: Properties of Hot Luminous Stars
1998sfis.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 132: Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory
1998swng.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 133: Science With The NGST
1998bdep.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 134: Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Planets
1998hcsp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 135: A Half Century of Stellar Pulsation Interpretation
1998gaha.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 136: Galactic Halos
1998wsow.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 137: Wild Stars in the Old West
1998stas.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 138: 1997 Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
1998paw..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 139: Preserving The Astronomical Windows
1998ssp..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 140: Synoptic Solar Physics
1998afa..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 141: Astrophysics From Antarctica
1998simf.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 142: The Stellar Initial Mass Function (38th Herstmonceux Conference)
1998sigh.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 143: The Scientific Impact of the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
1998rege.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 144: IAU Colloq. 164: Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources
1998adass...7    ASP Conf. Ser. 145: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII
1998yugf.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 146: The Young Universe: Galaxy Formation and Evolution at Intermediate and High Redshift
1998apdt.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 147: Abundance Profiles: Diagnostic Tools for Galaxy History
1998orig.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 148: Origins
1998ssfe.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 149: Solar System Formation and Evolution
1998npsp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 150: IAU Colloq. 167: New Perspectives on Solar Prominences
1998cmbl.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 151: Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure of the Universe
1998fopa.proc    ASP Conf. Ser. 152: Fiber Optics in Astronomy III
1998lisa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 153: Library and Information Services in Astronomy III
1998csss...10    ASP Conf. Ser. 154: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
1998sasp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 155: Three-Dimensional Structure of Solar Active Regions
1999hrrl.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 156: Highly Redshifted Radio Lines    ASP Conf. Ser. 157: Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
1999ssa..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 158: Solar and Stellar Activity:  Similarities and Differences
1999bllp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 159: BL Lac Phenomenon
1999asdi.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 160: Astrophysical Discs - an EC Summer School
1999hepa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 161: High Energy Processes in Accreting Black Holes
1999quco.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 162: Quasars and Cosmology
1999sfet.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 163: Star Formation in Early Type Galaxies
1999uosa.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 164: Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy Beyond HST
1999gaha.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 165: The Third Stromlo Symposium: The Galactic Halo    ASP Conf. Ser. 166: Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds
1999hcds.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 167: Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-HIPPARCOS Era
1999npim.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 168: New Perspectives on the Interstellar Medium
1999ewwd.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 169: 11th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
1999lsbu.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 170: The Low Surface Brightness Universe
1999lcrr.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 171: LiBeB Cosmic Rays, and Related X- and Gamma-Rays
1999adass...8    ASP Conf. Ser. 172: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
1999sstt.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 173: Stellar Structure:  Theory and Test of Connective Energy Transport
1999cpw..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 174: Catching the Perfect Wave:  Adaptive Optics and Interferometry for the 21st Century
1999skqb.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 175: Structure and Kinematics of Quasar Broad Line Regions
1999obco.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 176: Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
1999aisp.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 177: Astrophysics with Infrared Surveys: A Prelude to SIRTF
1999sdnc.conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 178: Stellar Dynamos: Nonlinearity and Chaotic Flows
1999ecm..conf    ASP Conf. Ser. 179: Eta Carinae at The Millennium
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    IAUCo        IAU Colloquia
    IAUDS        IAU Commission on Double Stars
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1973IAUS...52    IAU Symp.  52: Interstellar Dust and Related Topics
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1973IAUS...54    IAU Symp.  54: Problems of Calibration of Absolute Magnitudes and Temperature of Stars
1973IAUS...55    IAU Symp.  55: X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
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1979IAUS...84    IAU Symp.  84: The Large-Scale Characteristics of the Galaxy
1980IAUS...85    IAU Symp.  85: Star Formation
1980IAUS...86    IAU Symp.  86: Radio Physics of the Sun
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1980IAUS...92    IAU Symp.  92: Objects of High Redshift
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1981IAUS...94    IAU Symp.  94: Origin of Cosmic Rays
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1982IAUS...97    IAU Symp.  97: Extragalactic Radio Sources
1982IAUS...98    IAU Symp.  98: Be Stars
1982IAUS...99    IAU Symp.  99: Wolf-Rayet Stars: Observations, Physics, Evolution
1983IAUS..100    IAU Symp. 100: Internal Kinematics and Dynamics of Galaxies
1983IAUS..101    IAU Symp. 101: Supernova Remnants and their X-ray Emission
1983IAUS..102    IAU Symp. 102: Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields: Origins and Coronal Effects
1983IAUS..103    IAU Symp. 103: Planetary Nebulae
1983IAUS..104    IAU Symp. 104: Early Evolution of the Universe and its Present Structure
1984IAUS..105    IAU Symp. 105: Observational Tests of the Stellar Evolution Theory
1985IAUS..106    IAU Symp. 106: The Milky Way Galaxy
1985IAUS..107    IAU Symp. 107: Unstable Current Systems and Plasma Instabilities in Astrophysics
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1984IAUS..110    IAU Symp. 110: VLBI and Compact Radio Sources
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1986IAUS..114    IAU Symp. 114: Relativity in Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry.  High Precision Dynamical Theories and Observational Verifications
1987IAUS..115    IAU Symp. 115: Star Forming Regions
1986IAUS..116    IAU Symp. 116: Luminous Stars and Associations in Galaxies
1987IAUS..117    IAU Symp. 117: Dark matter in the universe
1986IAUS..118    IAU Symp. 118: Instrumentation and Research Programmes for Small Telescopes
1986IAUS..119    IAU Symp. 119: Quasars
1987IAUS..120    IAU Symp. 120: Astrochemistry
1987IAUS..121    IAU Symp. 121: Observational Evidence of Activity in Galaxies
1987IAUS..122    IAU Symp. 122: Circumstellar Matter
1988IAUS..123    IAU Symp. 123: Advances in Helio- and Asteroseismology
1987IAUS..124    IAU Symp. 124: Observational Cosmology
1987IAUS..125    IAU Symp. 125: The Origin and Evolution of Neutron Stars
1988IAUS..126    IAU Symp. 126: The Harlow-Shapley Symposium on Globular Cluster Systems in Galaxies
1987IAUS..127    IAU Symp. 127: Structure and Dynamics of Elliptical Galaxies
1988IAUS..128    IAU Symp. 128: The Earth's Rotation and Reference Frames for Geodesy and Geodynamics
1988IAUS..129    IAU Symp. 129: The Impact of VLBI on Astrophysics and Geophysics
1988IAUS..130    IAU Symp. 130: Large Scale Structures of the Universe
1989IAUS..131    IAU Symp. 131: Planetary Nebulae
1988IAUS..132    IAU Symp. 132: The Impact of Very High S/N Spectroscopy on Stellar Physics
1988IAUS..133    IAU Symp. 133: Mapping the Sky: Past Heritage and Future Directions
1989IAUS..134    IAU Symp. 134: Active Galactic Nuclei
1989IAUS..135    IAU Symp. 135: Interstellar Dust
1989IAUS..136    IAU Symp. 136: The Center of the Galaxy
1990IAUS..137    IAU Symp. 137: Flare Stars in Star Clusters, Associations and the Solar Vicinity
1989IAUS..138    IAU Symp. 138: Solar Photosphere: Structure, Convection, and Magnetic Fields
1990IAUS..139    IAU Symp. 139: The Galactic and Extragalactic Background Radiation
1990IAUS..140    IAU Symp. 140: Galactic and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields
1990IAUS..141    IAU Symp. 141: Inertial Coordinate System on the Sky
1990IAUS..142    IAU Symp. 142: Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun
1991IAUS..143    IAU Symp. 143: Wolf-Rayet Stars and Interrelations with Other Massive Stars in Galaxies
1991IAUS..144    IAU Symp. 144: The Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection in Galaxies
1991IAUS..145    IAU Symp. 145: Evolution of Stars: the Photospheric Abundance Connection
1991IAUS..146    IAU Symp. 146: Dynamics of Galaxies and Their Molecular Cloud Distributions
1991IAUS..147    IAU Symp. 147: Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
1991IAUS..148    IAU Symp. 148: The Magellanic Clouds
1992IAUS..149    IAU Symp. 149: The Stellar Populations of Galaxies
1992IAUS..150    IAU Symp. 150: Astrochemistry of Cosmic Phenomena
1992IAUS..151    IAU Symp. 151: Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars
1992IAUS..152    IAU Symp. 152: Chaos, Resonance, and Collective Dynamical Phenomena in the Solar System
1993IAUS..153    IAU Symp. 153: Galactic Bulges
1994IAUS..154    IAU Symp. 154: Infrared Solar Physics
1993IAUS..155    IAU Symp. 155: Planetary Nebulae
1993IAUS..156    IAU Symp. 156: Developments in Astrometry and their Impact on Astrophysics and Geodynamics
1993IAUS..157    IAU Symp. 157: The Cosmic Dynamo
1994IAUS..158    IAU Symp. 158: Very High Angular Resolution Imaging
1994IAUS..159    IAU Symp. 159: Multi-Wavelength Continuum Emission of AGN
1994IAUS..160    IAU Symp. 160: Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 1993
1994IAUS..161    IAU Symp. 161: Astronomy from Wide-Field Imaging
1994IAUS..162    IAU Symp. 162: Pulsation; Rotation; and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars
1994IAUS..163    IAU Symp. 163: Wolf-Rayet Stars: Binaries; Colliding Winds; Evolution
1995IAUS..164    IAU Symp. 164: Stellar Populations
1996IAUS..165    IAU Symp. 165: Compact Stars in Binaries
1995IAUS..166    IAU Symp. 166: Astronomical and Astrophysical Objectives of Sub-Milliarcsecond Optical Astrometry
1995IAUS..167    IAU Symp. 167: New Developments in Array Technology and Applications
1996IAUS..168    IAU Symp. 168: Examining the Big Bang and Diffuse Background Radiations
1996IAUS..169    IAU Symp. 169: Unsolved Problems of the Milky Way
1996IAUS..170    IAU Symp. 170: CO: Twenty-Five Years of Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy
1996IAUS..171    IAU Symp. 171: New Light on Galaxy Evolution
1996IAUS..172    IAU Symp. 172: Dynamics, Ephemerides, and Astrometry of the Solar System
1996IAUS..173    IAU Symp. 173: Astrophysical Applications of Gravitational Lensing
1996IAUS..174    IAU Symp. 174: Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters: Confrontation of Theory and Observations
1996IAUS..175    IAU Symp. 175: Extragalactic Radio Sources
1996IAUS..176    IAU Symp. 176: Stellar Surface Structure
1996IAUS..178    IAU Symp. 178: Molecules in Astrophysics: Probes & Processes
1998IAUS..179    IAU Symp. 179: New Horizons from Multi-Wavelength Sky Surveys
1997IAUS..180    IAU Symp. 180: Planetary Nebulae
1997IAUS..181    IAU Symp. 181: Sounding Solar and Stellar Interiors
1997IAUS..182    IAU Symp. 182: Herbig-Haro Flows and the Birth of Stars
1999IAUS..183    IAU Symp. 183: Cosmological Parameters and the Evolution of the Universe
1998IAUS..184    IAU Symp. 184: The Central Regions of the Galaxy and Galaxies
1998IAUS..185    IAU Symp. 185: New Eyes to See Inside the Sun and Stars
1999IAUS..186    IAU Symp. 186: Galaxy Interactions at Low and High Redshift
1997IAUS..187    IAU Symp. 187: Cosmic Chemical Evolution
1998IAUS..188    IAU Symp. 188: The Hot Universe
1998IAUS..189    IAU Symp. 189: Fundamental Stellar Properties
1999IAUS..190    IAU Symp. 190: New Views of the Magellanic Clouds
1999IAUS..191    IAU Symp. 191: Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
1999IAUS..193    IAU Symp. 193: Wolf-Rayet Phenomena in Massive Stars and Starburst Galaxies
1999IAUS..194    IAU Symp. 194: Activity in Galaxies and Related Phenomena
2000IAUS..195    IAU Symp. 195: Highly Energetic Physical Processes and Mechanisms for Emission from Astrophysical Plasmas
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