Author comment for 2008PhDT.........1G:

Copy of this thesis can be requested from the author, however thesis is written in Turkish.

Interested readers may check the following papers :
2008ApJ...675.1499G Guver, Tolga; Ozel, Feryal; Gogus, Ersin
2008AIPC..983..254O Ozel, Feryal; Guver, Tolga; Gogus, Ersin
2007ApJ...667L..73G Guver, Tolga; Ozel, Feryal; Gogus, Ersin; Kouveliotou, Chryssa
2007ApJ...659L.141O Ozel, Feryal; Guver, Tolga Guver, Tolga; Ozel, Feryal; Lyutikov, Maxim

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