Author comment for 2005MNRAS.360L..60G:

The authors of the paper "The dark halo of the main lens galaxy in
QSO 0957+561" (MNRAS 360, L60-L63) want to clarify an important
misunderstanding at the beginning of subsection 3.2 (Emission lines).
All three main optical emission lines (CIV, CIII and MgII) were
discussed by Wills and Wills (1980). In fact, the CIV line was
detected by Walsh, Carswell and Weymann (1979) for the first time,
i.e., 25 years before our re-discovery. We apologise for this
undeliberate mistake, whose origin is difficult to understand.

Author comment submitted on 12 November, 2008 by Luis J. Goicoechea (