Author comment for 2003SoPh..216...59D:

"Retraction: Possible Role of MHD Waves in Heating the Solar Corona B.N. Dwivedi and V.S. Pandey Solar Physics, 216, 59-77, 2003 Our manuscript was fundamentally flawed both in its science contents and its form. Consequently, we want to issue a retraction of the paper. In particular, we do not maintain the critical statements in regard to the paper by L.J. Porter, J.A. Klimchuk, and P.A. Sturrock in Astrophys. J. 435, 482-501, 1994" B.N. Dwivedi and V.S. Pandey Department of Applied Physics Banaras Hindu University Varanasi-221005, India --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With kind regards, B.N. Dwivedi and V.S. Pandey

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