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* 2013arXiv1307.8031Y: Yildiz,+: Deep observations of O2 toward a low-mass protostar with Herschel-HIFI
* 2013arXiv1307.7966D: Deshpande,+: OH Maser Sources in W49N: Probing Magnetic Field and Differential Anisotropic Scattering with Zeeman pairs using the VLBA
* 2013arXiv1307.7936T: Tamborra,+: Neutrino signature of supernova hydrodynamical instabilities in three dimensions
* 2013arXiv1307.8077H: Horak,+: Corotation resonance and overstable oscillations in black-hole accretion discs: general-relativistic calculations
* 2013arXiv1307.7812G: Garofalo: The jet-disc connection: evidence for a reinterpretation in radio loud and radio quiet active galactic nuclei
* 2013arXiv1307.7781L: Lepine,+: Bimodal chemical evolution of the Galactic disk and the Barium abundance of Cepheids
* 2013arXiv1307.8045B: Boerner,+: Photometric and Thermal Cross-calibration of Solar EUV Instruments
* 2013arXiv1307.8044S: Sutton,+: The ultraluminous state revisited: fractional variability and spectral shape as diagnostics of super-Eddington accretion
* 2013arXiv1307.7991B: Berkhuijsen,+: How cosmic-ray electron propagation affects radio-far-infrared correlations in M31 and M33
* 2013arXiv1307.7984K: Kataoka,+: Fluffy dust forms icy planetesimals by static compression
* 2013arXiv1307.7827R: Rosen,+: Epoxy-based broadband anti-reflection coating for millimeter-wave optics
* 2013arXiv1307.7776O: Ogihara,+: Condition for Capture into First-order Mean Motion Resonances and Application to Constraints on Origin of Resonant Systems
* 2013arXiv1307.7735A: Ahn,+: The Tenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Spectroscopic Data from the SDSS-III Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment
2013MNRAS.tmp.1748H: Hacker,+: Narrow absorption line variability in repeat quasar observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
2013arXiv1307.8091C: Cerruti,+: VERITAS results from a three-year observing campaign on the BL Lac object 1ES 0229+200
2013arXiv1307.8090C: Chandran,+: Stochastic Heating, Differential Flow, and the Alpha-to-Proton Temperature Ratio in the Solar Wind
2013arXiv1307.8072N: Nulsen,+: Deep Chandra Observations of Abell 2199: the Interplay between Merger-Induced Gas Motions and Nuclear Outbursts in a Cool Core Cluster
2013arXiv1307.8070C: Cerruti,+: Upper Limits From Five Years of VERITAS Blazar Observations
2013arXiv1307.8062K: Kirk,+: Optimising Spectroscopic and Photometric Galaxy Surveys: Same-sky Benefits for Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
2013arXiv1307.8061J: Jouvel,+: Optimising Spectroscopic and Photometric Galaxy Surveys: Efficient Target Selection and Survey Strategy
2013arXiv1307.8047H: Holberg,+: Where are all the Sirius-Like Binary Systems?
2013arXiv1307.8038B: Batygin,+: Magnetically Controlled Circulation on Hot Extrasolar Planets
2013arXiv1307.8024D: Davidson,+: Bose Einstein condensation of the classical axion field in cosmology?
2013arXiv1307.8012L: Lyon,+: A Study on Classification in Imbalanced and Partially-Labelled Data Streams
2013arXiv1307.8011F: Fairbairn,+: Baryogenesis and Dark Matter with Vector-like Fermions
2013arXiv1307.8005G: Georgieva,+: Long-term variations of solar magnetic fields derived from geomagnetic data
2013arXiv1307.7996P: Pfuhl,+: Massive binaries in the vicinity of Sgr A*
2013arXiv1307.7983M: Moulin,+: High energy gamma-ray constraints on decaying Dark Matter
2013arXiv1307.7980D: Demianski,+: Semi analytical description of formation of galaxies and clusters of galaxies
2013arXiv1307.7978S: Snodgrass,+: Beginning of activity in 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and predictions for 2014/5
2013arXiv1307.7977A: Alavirad,+: Modified gravity with logarithmic curvature corrections and the structure of relativistic stars
2013arXiv1307.7960K: Kirov,+: Long-term variations of geomagnetic activity and their solar sources
2013arXiv1307.7938K: Kallosh,+: Non-minimal Inflationary Attractors
2013arXiv1307.7918D: de la Fuente Marcos,+: The Chelyabinsk superbolide: a fragment of asteroid 2011 EO40?
2013arXiv1307.7905K: Klepser,+: A Population of Teraelectronvolt Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey
2013arXiv1307.7893H: Horner,+: A Detailed Dynamical Investigation of the Proposed QS Virginis Planetary System
2013arXiv1307.7892B: Biland,+: FACT: Towards Robotic Operation of an Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope
2013arXiv1307.7883E: Ejlli: Mixing of gravitons with photons in primordial magnetic fields
2013arXiv1307.7881H: Hayashi,+: Modeling Dipolar Post-Shock Accretion Columns for Various Specific Accretion Rate Intermediate Polars
2013arXiv1307.7878Z: Zhu,+: Kinematic distance study of the planetary nebulae-supernova remnant-HII region complex at G35.6-0.5
2013arXiv1307.7877N: Nikolic,+: An Integral View of Balmer-dominated Shocks in Supernova Remnants
2013arXiv1307.7870M: Mortier,+: New and updated stellar parameters for 71 evolved planet hosts. On the metallicity - giant planet connection
2013arXiv1307.7869A: Aota,+: Thermal Instability behind a Shock Wave in HI and Molecular Clouds
2013arXiv1307.7815P: Pallis: Models of Non-Minimal Chaotic Inflation in Supergravity
2013arXiv1307.7782P: Pfeiffer,+: Hyperbolicity of Force-Free Electrodynamics
2013arXiv1307.7772M: Melrose,+: Bulk Energization of Electrons in Solar Flares by Alfv\'en Waves
2013arXiv1307.7767K: Knierman,+: Tidal Tails of Minor Mergers II: Comparing Star Formation in the Tidal Tails of NGC 2782
2013arXiv1307.7755E: Elias-Rosa,+: On the progenitor of the Type Ic SN 2013dk in the Antennae Galaxies
2013arXiv1307.7753S: Scafetta,+: Empirical evidences for a planetary modulation of total solar irradiance and the TSI signature of the 1.09-year Earth-Jupiter conjunction cycle
2013arXiv1307.7730M: Ma,+: A Super-Eddington Wind Scenario for the Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
2013arXiv1307.7727L: Lennarz,+: Search for VHE Gamma-Ray Emission from Young SNe with H.E.S.S
2013arXiv1307.7716J: Jacobs,+: A Flux Scale for Southern Hemisphere 21cm EoR Experiments
2013arXiv1307.7715W: Wyman,+: nu-LCDM: Neutrinos reconcile Planck with the Local Universe
2013arXiv1307.7714A: Anirbit: n-point correlations of dark matter tracers : Renormalization with univariate biasing and its O(f_{NL}) terms with bivariate biasing
2013arXiv1307.7713G: Grupe,+: Strong UV and X-ray variability of the Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy WPVS 007 -- on the nature of the X-ray low state
2013arXiv1307.7712L: Ly,+: "Direct" Gas-phase Metallicities, Stellar Properties, and Local Environments of Emission-line Galaxies at Redshift below 0.90
2013arXiv1307.7709C: Cisternas,+: X-ray nuclear activity in S4G barred galaxies: No link between bar strength and co-occurrent supermassive black hole fueling
2013arXiv1307.7708K: Kashiyama,+: Cosmological Fast Radio Bursts from Binary White Dwarf Mergers
2013arXiv1307.7707S: Strader,+: The Densest Galaxy
2013ASPC..469..297H: Hall,+: Planetary Nebulae after Common-Envelope Phases Initiated by Low-Mass Red Giants