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Setting up myADS-arXiv

You start the myADS-arXiv setup process from the myADS Setup Utility. This link will get you to the login page of the setup procedure. Selecting "Setup daily arXiv e-print Notification" will bring you to the pages shown below.

back to top Initial Setup

On the form shown below, you can start setting up your daily alerting service

Clicking on the button "Save Settings" will save the data you specified and bring you to the next screen.

back to top Specify Keyword Query

On this form you specify keywords for sorting the daily list of preprints. The preprints will be sorted according to how many of the keywords match in the title, abstract, keywords and comment fields.

In the query you can use the specifiers of the "simple logic" form implemented on the main ADS query form. This means the following:

The simple logic recognizes "+" and "-" before the search words. To require a word to be found in a search, it needs a "+" in front of it. A "-" before a word indicates that only references that do NOT contain that word should be returned. "and", "or", and "not" are stop words and will be ignored in the simple logic.

Example: +contact +binaries -eclipsing

This will search for references that contain both words contact and binary, but not the word eclipsing.
Finally, by prepending a "=" before a word, synonym replacement will be switched off for that word.

Click the button "Save Settings" to save your query. The next screen, for the second text/author query, has the exact same functionality as this screen. After having saved the second text/author query, you will be given the opportunity to specify which prepint topics will be included in your queries.

back to top Specify Preprint Categories

The following screen allows you to specify which preprint groups will be used for your query.

This was the last step in the setup process. Clicking on the "Save Settings" button will bring you to a page where you can access the results of your query.

back to top Accessing your results

Your settings have now been saved. You can go back to the information you have specified during the setup by means of the links at the bottom of the page. There are two ways to access the results of your query:
  • E-mail Notification
  • RSS Feed

With the first method, you will receive an email with the latest preprints every day. The preprints will be sorted according to the keywords you specified. Selecting this option will result in a confirmation screen:

When you select the second method, the following screen will be displayed:

On this page you can read how to import the RSS feed into three readers. If you prefer to use a text-based reader (just like Pine for reading email) and you are working on a Unix/Linux system, you will probably like Snownews.

back to top The myADS-arXiv Results page

The myADS-arXiv results page consists of two parts, a sidebar on the left with links to various features, and the results of the query in the main part of the page.

The sidebar has links to the standard ADS query forms at the top. Below that are the links to the current tables of contents of a number of journals. The next section has links to quickly query the database for an author or a subject to get the latest articles that match the query. At the bottom of the column is a link to the setup pages of the myADS Notification Service.

The main part of the page shows the results, which are sorted according to the query you have specified. You will see 20 results at most. To access the complete list, click on the link Recent Papers just above the results. The results list will always contain all the latest papers for the e-print categories you selected. The papers that match your query will be listed first (sorted by score) and will have an asterisk next to them.