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A survey of nebulae around galactic wolf-rayet stars in the southern sky, 2.
Marston, A. P.; Yocum, D. R.; Garcia-Segura, G.; Chu, Y.-H.
AA(Drake Univ., Des Moines, IA, US), AB(Drake Univ., Des Moines, IA, US), AC(University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US), AD(University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US)
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, vol. 95, no. 1, p. 151-155 (ApJS Homepage)
Publication Date:
NASA/STI Keywords:
Nebulae, Sky Surveys (Astronomy), Southern Sky, Wolf-Rayet Stars, O Stars, Stellar Evolution, Stellar Luminosity, Stellar Mass Ejection, Stellar Winds
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We present the second half of a charge coupled device (CCD) narrow-band imaging survey of galactic Wolf-Rayet stars located in the southern hemisphere as listed by van der Hucht et al. (1981). Images of 50 Wolf-Rayet stars were taken using a wide-field CCD and narrowband interference filters centered on H alpha and (O III) 5007 A wavelengths. The first half of the survey (Marston, Chu, & Garcia-Segura 1993, hereafter Paper I) revealed six new ring nebulae residing around Wolf-Rayet stars. Here we reveal a possible 11 new rings and the existence of multiple rings associated with two previously known nebula, RCW 118 and G2.4+1.4 and around the stars WR 16 and WR 43. Combining our results with those of Miller & Chu (1993) and Paper I, 92% of the van der Hucht catalog of Wolf-Rayet stars have now been surveyed. Of the 38 possible ring nebulae found in our surveys to date, 22 reside around WN subtype Wolf-Rayet stars, 13 around WC stars, one around a triplet of Wolf-Rayet stars and one around a WO star (WR 102). One ring exists around a WN/WC star (WR 98). A bias toward rings being observed around W-R + OB binaries is noted. Such pairings are generally bright, and the detection of a ring around them may merely be a function of their combined luminosity. Several Wolf-Rayet stars are shown to be surrounded by multiple rings (two or three) which suggests that a number of ejections of stellar material have taken place during their evolution.

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