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A VLA survey of nearby flare stars
White, Stephen M.; Jackson, Peter D.; Kundu, Mukul R.
AA(Maryland, University, College Park), AB(Maryland, University, College Park), AC(Maryland, University, College Park)
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series (ISSN 0067-0049), vol. 71, Dec. 1989, p. 895-904. (ApJS Homepage)
Publication Date:
NASA/STI Keywords:
Dwarf Stars, Flare Stars, Radio Emission, Very Large Array (Vla), M Stars, Stellar Luminosity, Stellar Spectra, X Ray Spectra
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Results from a VLA survey of nearby flare stars are combined with those of other surveys to compare the incidence of radio detection of late-type dwarf stars with other stellar parameters. About 40 percent of known nearby flare stars were detected in the survey. It is found that there is a deficiency of radio detections for M dwarf stars later than dM5.5, in agreement with the falloff in X-ray luminosity of these stars. Evidence is found for a link between radio activity and rotation, because most of the detected sources are stars which are believed to be young disk stars and are still rapid rotators.

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