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Structure in the COBE differential microwave radiometer first-year maps
Smoot, G. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Kogut, A.; Wright, E. L.; Aymon, J.; Boggess, N. W.; Cheng, E. S.; de Amici, G.; Gulkis, S.; Hauser, M. G.; Hinshaw, G.; Jackson, P. D.; Janssen, M.; Kaita, E.; Kelsall, T.; Keegstra, P.; Lineweaver, C.; Loewenstein, K.; Lubin, P.; Mather, J.; Meyer, S. S.; Moseley, S. H.; Murdock, T.; Rokke, L.; Silverberg, R. F.; Tenorio, L.; Weiss, R.; Wilkinson, D. T.
AA(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; California, University, Berkeley), AB(NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD), AC(Universities Space Research Association; NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD), AD(California, University, Los Angeles), AE(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; California, University, Berkeley), AF(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; California, University, Berkeley), AG(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; California, University, Berkeley), AH(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; California, University, Berkeley), AI(JPL, Pasadena, CA), AJ(NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD)
Astrophysical Journal, Part 2 - Letters (ISSN 0004-637X), vol. 396, no. 1, Sept. 1, 1992, p. L1-L5. Research supported by NASA. (ApJL Homepage)
Publication Date:
Space Radiation
NASA/STI Keywords:
Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite, Microwave Radiometers, Normal Density Functions, Relic Radiation, Root-Mean-Square Errors, Astronomical Maps, Milky Way Galaxy
Bibliographic Code:


Results of the first year of data from the differential microwave radiometers on the Cosmic Background Explorer are presented. Statistically significant structure that is well described as scale-invariant fluctuations with a Gaussian distribution is shown. The rms sky variation, smoothed to a total 10-deg FWHM Gaussian, is 30 +/-5 micro-K for Galactic latitude greater than 20-deg data with the dipole anisotropy removed. The rms cosmic quadrupole amplitude is 13 +/-4 micro-K. The angular autocorrelation of the signal in each radiometer channel and cross-correlation between channels are consistent and give a primordial fluctuation power-law spectrum with index of 1.1 +/-0.5, and an rms-quadrupole-normalized amplitude of 16 +/-4 micro-K. These features are in accord with the Harrison-Zel'dovich spectrum predicted by models of inflationary cosmology.

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