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Evidence for X-ray emission from Capella
Catura, R. C.; Acton, L. W.; Johnson, H. M.
AA(Lockheed Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, Calif.), AB(Lockheed Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, Calif.), AC(Lockheed Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, Calif.)
Astrophysical Journal, vol. 196, Mar. 1, 1975, pt. 2, p. L47-L49. Research supported by the Lockheed Independent Research Program; (ApJL Homepage)
Publication Date:
Space Radiation
NASA/STI Keywords:
Binary Stars, Stellar Radiation, X Ray Astronomy, X Ray Stars, Energy Spectra, Galactic Radiation, Giant Stars, Stellar Luminosity, Stellar Spectra
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X-ray emission in the range from 0.2 to 1.6 keV has been detected from an area of the sky which contains the binary star system Capella. The X-ray source is at most a few arc minutes in extent and shows no spectral turnover at low energy, consistent with a nearby source. We suggest Capella as the source of this emission and that this object belongs to a new class of galactic X-ray sources with a luminosity of 10 to the 31st to 10 to the 34th ergs per sec. Emission from this class of objects is variable, predominantly below 2 keV, and originates from nearby stellar objects.

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