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A solar dynamo surface wave at the interface between convection and nonuniform rotation
Parker, E. N.
AA(Chicago Univ., IL)
Astrophysical Journal, Part 1 (ISSN 0004-637X), vol. 408, no. 2, p. 707-719. (ApJ Homepage)
Publication Date:
Solar Physics
NASA/STI Keywords:
Dynamo Theory, Magnetohydrodynamic Waves, Solar Interior, Solar Magnetic Field, Solar Rotation, Turbulent Diffusion, Wave Propagation
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A simple dynamo surface wave is presented to illustrate the basic principles of a dynamo operating in the thin layer of shear and suppressed eddy diffusion beneath the cyclonic convection in the convection zone of the sun. It is shown that the restriction of the shear delta(Omega)/delta(r) to a region below the convective zone provides the basic mode with a greatly reduced turbulent diffusion coefficient in the region of strong azimuthal field. The dynamo takes on the character of a surface wave tied to the lower surface z = 0 of the convective zone. There is a substantial body of evidence suggesting a fibril state for the principal flux bundles beneath the surface of the sun, with fundamental implications for the solar dynamo.

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