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A model for the cometary nebula NGC 2261
Arny, T. T.; Bechis, K. P.
AA(Massachusetts, University, Amherst, Mass.), AB(Massachusetts, University, Amherst, Mass.)
Astrophysical Journal, Part 1, vol. 226, Dec. 1, 1978, p. 455-459. Research supported by the University of Massachusetts (ApJ Homepage)
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Astronomical Models, Nebulae, Stellar Envelopes, Stellar Mass Ejection, Carbon Monoxide, Early Stars, Flow Velocity, Interstellar Gas, Mass Flow Factors, Molecular Spectra
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It is suggested that the cometary nebula NGC 2261 associated with R Mon is produced by the interaction of a mass flow representing the expulsion of a circumstellar shell from the star with the interstellar matter through which the star is moving. A model based on the interaction of the ejected matter with the surrounding interstellar gas is used to calculate the shape of the nebula. The model is characterized by the mass-loss rate, velocity of outflow from the star, velocity of the star, and cloud density. The nebular size and shape are both found to be in good agreement with observations for reasonable values of the parameters governing the model.

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