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Galactic winds driven by cosmic rays
Ipavich, F. M.
AA(Maryland, University, College Park, Md.)
Astrophysical Journal, vol. 196, Feb. 15, 1975, pt. 1, p. 107-120. (ApJ Homepage)
Publication Date:
Space Radiation
NASA/STI Keywords:
Astronomical Models, Cosmic Rays, Galactic Radiation, Magnetohydrodynamic Waves, Plasma-Particle Interactions, Stellar Winds, Cosmic Plasma, Hydrodynamic Equations, Mass Flow, Mass Transfer, Solar Wind, X Ray Sources
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Cosmic rays traveling through a magnetized plasma with mean velocity greater than the Alfven speed can become coupled to the plasma by the emission of magnetohydrodynamic waves. Using a time-independent, spherically symmetric, hydrodynamic treatment, we show that cosmic rays escaping from a galaxy can carry along thermal gas and produce a 'galactic wind'. Solutions indicate that a typical galaxy can lose mass at a rate of about 1 to 10 million solar masses per year and energy at a rate of about 10 to the 40th to 10 to the 42nd ergs per sec. The possible role of galactic winds in radio and X-ray sources is explored. A model is proposed to explain the X-ray emission observed from clusters of galaxies.

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