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X-ray structure of the Cygnus loop
Rappaport, S.; Doxsey, R.; Solinger, A.; Borken, R.
AA(MIT, Cambridge, Mass.), AB(MIT, Cambridge, Mass.), AC(MIT, Cambridge, Mass.), AD(Wisconsin, University, Madison, Wis.)
Astrophysical Journal, vol. 194, Dec. 1, 1974, pt. 1, p. 329-335. (ApJ Homepage)
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NASA/STI Keywords:
Astronomical Maps, Cygnus Constellation, Nebulae, Supernovae, X Ray Spectra, Brightness Temperature, Energy Spectra, Interstellar Matter, Radiant Flux Density, Radiation Distribution
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An X-ray surface brightness map of the Cygnus Loop in the energy range 0.15-0.85 keV is presented. The X-ray distribution is compared with the optical and radio pictures of the Loop. The location of the center of the supernova shell as derived from the X-ray data is in excellent agreement with the apparent optical and radio centers. We obtain a mean diameter for the X-ray shell of 2.75 (+ or - 0.2) deg. The X-ray spectral data yield a characteristic thermal temperature averaged over the Loop of 2.9 million (+ or - 1.5 million) K. We have calculated anew X-ray parameters for adiabatic blast waves using X-ray production spectra which include line radiation. These parameters are compared with the results of the present experiment. An age of 18,000 years, initial blast energy equal to 3 times 10 to the 50-th power ergs, and ambient interstellar density of 0.25 per cu cm are found.

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