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A Measurement of Excess Antenna Temperature at 4080 Mc/s.
Penzias, A. A.; Wilson, R. W.
AA(Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc.), AB(Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc.)
Astrophysical Journal, vol. 142, p.419-421 (ApJ Homepage)
Publication Date:
Astronomy Keywords:
Microwave Background, Cosmic Background Radiation
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Measurements of the effective zenith noise temperature of the 20-foot horn-reflector antenna (Crawford, Hogg, and Hunt 1961) at the Crawford Hill Laboratory, Holmdel, New Jersey, at 4080 Mc/s have yielded a value of about 3.5 K higher than expected. This excess temperature is, within the limits of our observations, isotropic, unpolarized, and free from seasonal variations (July, 1964 - April, 1965). A possible explanation for the observed excess noise temperature is the one given by Dicke, Peebles, Roll, and Wilkinson (1965) in a companion letter in this issue.

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