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Photometric Observations of the eta Carinae 2009.0 Spectroscopic Event
Landes, H.; Fitzgerald, M.
AA(School of Physics, Monash University, VIC 3800 Australia ), AB(School of Physics, Monash University, VIC 3800 Australia)
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp. 374-377. (PASA Homepage)
Publication Date:
Astronomy Keywords:
binaries: general, stars: individual (eta Carinae), stars: evolution
Abstract Copyright:
(c) 2010 Astronomical Society of Australia
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We have observed eta Carinae over 34 nights between 2009 January 4 and 2009 March 27 covering the estimated timeframe for a predicted spectroscopic event related to a suspected binary system concealed within the homunculus nebula. A photometric minimum feature was confirmed to be periodic and comparison to a previous event indicated that the period to within our error was 2022.6+/-1.0d. Using the E-region standard star system, the apparent V magnitudes determined for the local comparison stars were HD 303308 8.14+/-0.02, HD 93205 7.77+/-0.03, and HD 93162 8.22+/-0.05. The latter star was found to be dimmer than previously reported.
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