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Supermassive black holes in spiral galaxies
Macchetto, Duccio
The Interplay among Black Holes, Stars and ISM in Galactic Nuclei, Proceedings of IAU Symposium, No. 222. Edited by T. Storchi-Bergmann, L.C. Ho, and Henrique R. Schmitt. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004., p.9-14
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We have embarked in an HST program to determine the masses of black holes in spiral galaxies directly by measuring the line emission arising from an extended accretion disk. For each of the galaxies in our sample we have measured the rotation curve and determined the mass distribution within the inner 5-50 pc. We have modeled the stellar mass component using the photometric data from existing HST images and using both data sets we have derived the masses of the black holes in each galaxy. These results will be very important in clarifying the role of the black hole in powering the AGN, will shed light into the effectiveness of the accretion mechanisms and finally will be important in addressing the fundamental issue of unification for Seyfert 1 and Seyfert 2 galaxies.

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