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The Projects for Onboard Autonomy (PROBA2) Science Centre: Sun Watcher Using APS Detectors and Image Processing (SWAP) and Large-Yield Radiometer (LYRA) Science Operations and Data Products
Zender, J.; Berghmans, D.; Bloomfield, D. S.; Cabanas Parada, C.; Dammasch, I.; De Groof, A.; D'Huys, E.; Dominique, M.; Gallagher, P.; Giordanengo, B.; Higgins, P. A.; Hochedez, J.-F.; Yalim, M. S.; Nicula, B.; Pylyser, E.; Sanchez-Duarte, L.; Schwehm, G.; Seaton, D. B.; Stanger, A.; Stegen, K.; Willems, S.
AA(ESA Directorate of Scientific and Robotic Exploration, ESTEC), AB(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AC(Astrophysics Research Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin), AD(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AE(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AF(ESA Directorate of Scientific and Robotic Exploration, ESTEC; Royal Observatory of Belgium), AG(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AH(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AI(Astrophysics Research Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin), AJ(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AK(Astrophysics Research Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin), AL(Royal Observatory of Belgium; LATMOS, IPSL, UVSQ, CNRS), AM(Centrum voor Plasma-Astrofysica, Katholieke Universiteit), AN(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AO(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AP(ESA Directorate of Scientific and Robotic Exploration, ESAC), AQ(ESA Directorate of Scientific and Robotic Exploration, ESTEC), AR(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AS(Stanger Unlimited), AT(Royal Observatory of Belgium), AU(Royal Observatory of Belgium)
Solar Physics, Volume 286, Issue 1, pp.93-110 (SoPh Homepage)
Publication Date:
PROBA2, SWAP, LYRA, Science operations, Instrument and data management
Abstract Copyright:
(c) 2013: The Author(s)
Bibliographic Code:


The PROBA2 Science Centre (P2SC) is a small-scale science operations centre supporting the Sun observation instruments onboard PROBA2: the EUV imager Sun Watcher using APS detectors and image Processing (SWAP) and Large-Yield Radiometer (LYRA). PROBA2 is one of ESA's small, low-cost Projects for Onboard Autonomy (PROBA) and part of ESA's In-Orbit Technology Demonstration Programme. The P2SC is hosted at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, co-located with both Principal Investigator teams. The P2SC tasks cover science planning, instrument commanding, instrument monitoring, data processing, support of outreach activities, and distribution of science data products. PROBA missions aim for a high degree of autonomy at mission and system level, including the science operations centre. The autonomy and flexibility of the P2SC is reached by a set of web-based interfaces allowing the operators as well as the instrument teams to monitor quasi-continuously the status of the operations, allowing a quick reaction to solar events. In addition, several new concepts are implemented at instrument, spacecraft, and ground-segment levels allowing a high degree of flexibility in the operations of the instruments. This article explains the key concepts of the P2SC, emphasising the automation and the flexibility achieved in the commanding as well as the data-processing chain.
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