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Real-Time, Fast Neutron Coincidence Assay of Plutonium With a 4-Channel Multiplexed Analyzer and Organic Scintillators
Joyce, Malcolm J.; Gamage, Kelum A. A.; Aspinall, M. D.; Cave, F. D.; Lavietes, A.
AA(Eng. Dept., Lancaster Univ., Lancaster, UK), AB(Eng. Dept., Lancaster Univ., Lancaster, UK), AC(Unit 16 ICT Centre, Hybrid Instrum. Ltd., Birmingham, UK), AD(Unit 16 ICT Centre, Hybrid Instrum. Ltd., Birmingham, UK), AE(Int. Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria)
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 61, issue 3, pp. 1340-1348
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The design, principle of operation and the results of measurements made with a four-channel organic scintillator system are described. The system comprises four detectors and a multiplexed analyzer for the real-time parallel processing of fast neutron events. The function of the real-time, digital multiple-channel pulse-shape discrimination analyzer is described together with the results of laboratory-based measurements with 252Cf, 241Am-Li and plutonium. The analyzer is based on a single-board solution with integrated high-voltage supplies and graphical user interface. It has been developed to meet the requirements of nuclear materials assay of relevance to safeguards and security. Data are presented for the real-time coincidence assay of plutonium in terms of doubles count rate versus mass. This includes an assessment of the limiting mass uncertainty for coincidence assay based on a 100 s measurement period and samples in the range 0-50 g. Measurements of count rate versus order of multiplicity for 252Cf and 241Am-Li and combinations of both are also presented.
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