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Author's Comment:  

The complete article can be accessed via WWW.

In this document is an ftp connection given to
retrieve a manual for BABEL. This address is

The correct connection is linked here.

The contents of the file READ.ME is as follows:

This directory contains the BABEL manual as LaTex file,
the corresponding figures as eps-files and the source
codes which are not standard.

The eps/ps files have been compressed. So you need
to uncompress them. Fully uncompressed the files will
need about 13 MB. Be sure to have enough disk space.


Usage of BABEL is free, as long as you cite its origin and
send 3 copies of any publications to the RAIUB (Radio-
astronomisches Institut der Universitaet Bonn), Auf dem
Huegel 71, 35121 Bonn, Fed. Rep. of Germany.


You can also order paper copies of the BABEL manual at the
RAIUB. The sourcecode for the program "giftopgm" is
unavailable in the moment. So you will have to type
it in from the manual. Additionally the executables
for "anglegrid" and "giftopgm" are available on request
for VMS (anglegrid) and Ultrix ("giftopgm").

Any mail (comments ect.) please direct to

For special interest there is also a copy of my diploma
thesis available, which discusses in detail the errors
and limitations of BABEL -- although in german.

Wish you loadsafun with BABEL!

Gernot Westphalen